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IDC, Intel, MemVerge, NetApp & Penguin Computing introduce Big Memory

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CEO, Charles Fan, introduces Big Memory on the latest episode of the “GreyBeards on Storage” podcast

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See MemVerge CEO, Charles Fan, answer questions as a panelist on June 2

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IDC provides a Persistent Memory forecast and defines Big Memory

Introducing MemVerge & Big Memory

MemVerge is proud to introduce the world's first Big Memory technology to massively scale out DRAM and Persistent Memory. The results are Big Memory pools where all applications and data can live. To support all application data needs, MemVerge has invented rich Big Memory Data Services such as snapshot, replication and tiering that for the first time enable lightning fast recovery from in-memory application crashes. Existing tier-1 applications can run safely and transparently on Big Memory without application rewrites.

Transparent Memory Service

  • Scale-out to Big Memory configurations.
  • 100x more than current memory.
  • No application changes.
MemVerge Memory Size

ZeroIOTM Snapshot

  • Run Big Memory safely.
  • Powers lightning fast recovery of in-memory databases.
  • 60x faster than current recovery technology.
Crash Recovery

Low Latency AI/ML Infererence

  • Machine Learning inference applications are latency-sensitive.
  • MemVerge Big Memory technology lowers latency by 40x.

MemVerge opens up new possibilities to realize enhanced AI performance.

Deepak Agarwal,
VP of AI, LinkedIn

The memory-speed processing power of MemVerge’s Memory Converged Infrastructure has proven unique value in accelerating speed of OLAP services

Long Wang,
Vice President of Tencent Cloud and General Manager of Big Data and AI Services

MemVerge has exceeded our expectations.

Dennis Weng,
Vice President of Big Data,

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